Map - Mohale's Hoek District (Mohale’s Hoek District)

Mohale's Hoek District (Mohale’s Hoek District)
Mohale's Hoek is a district of Lesotho. Mohale's Hoek is the capital city or camptown, and only town in the district. In the southwest, Mohale's Hoek borders on South Africa, while domestically, it borders on Mafeteng District in northwest, Maseru District in north, Thaba-Tseka District in northeast, Qacha's Nek District in east, and Quthing District in southeast.

As of 2006, the district had a population of 176,928 which was 9.43 per cent of the total population of the country. The total area of the district was 3,530 which was 11.63 per cent of the total area of the country. The density of population in the district was 50.00 per km2. As of 2008, there were 42 per cent economically active people in the district. There were totally 111,150 employed people out of a total of 223,867 people in the district above 15 years of age. The total area planted in 2009 was 27,320 which formed 6.77 per cent of the total area planted in the country.

As of 2006, the district had a population of 176,928, 9.43 percent of the population of the country. The total area of the district was 3,530, 11.63 per cent of the country. The population density was 50.00 persons per square kilometre, compared to 62 for the country. There were eight constituencies and thirteen community councils in the district. As of 2006, 502 people tested HIV positive, 20.70 per cent of the HIV-positive persons in the country. 204 of these (20.40%) were men; 298 (20.90%) were women.

Map - Mohale's Hoek District (Mohale’s Hoek District)
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Lesotho, officially the Kingdom of Lesotho, is a country landlocked as an enclave in South Africa. It is situated in the Maloti Mountains and contains the highest mountains in Southern Africa. It has an area of over 30000 km2 and has a population of about million.

It was previously the British Crown colony of Basutoland, which was given independence by the United Kingdom on 4 October 1966. It is a fully sovereign state and is a member of the United Nations, the Commonwealth of Nations, the African Union, and the Southern African Development Community. The name Lesotho roughly translates to "land of the Sotho".
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ZAR South African rand Rs 2
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